Saturday, January 28, 2012

Η Όμορφη Ελλάδα - "First Light"

Image Processing – Directed by Gaintatzis Pavlos
Music: 'Intro' by The XX ( thexx.info)
Grevena (Filipaioi, Dotsiko), Trikala (Meteora),
Halkidiki (Pirgadikia) / Greece

ChronoCon constructors:
Mechanical Components by Voulgaris Aristeidis
Electronic Components / PCB Programming by Athanasiadis Tilemachos and Gaintatzis Pavlos

Grevena (Filipaioi, Dotsiko), Trikala (Meteora), Halkidiki (Pirgadikia) / Greece


Canon EOS 350D and 500D
ChronoCon dolly slider.
ChronoCon is an under construction dolly slider, which has been constructed by Pentalunex Team. This video represents the first experimental use of ChronoCon. More information will be soon available.

Special Thanks to:

Kouropalati Vasiliki
Niavi Ourania
Papaioannou Michael
Traianou Thalia
Tsampouras Dimitrios