Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Νεκρός ακτιβιστής του Αμαζονίου

Ακόμη ένας υπέρμαχος της διατήρησης της γης του Αμαζονίου βρέθηκε νεκρός από πυροβολισμό, φέρνοντας στους πέντε τους ακτιβιστές που έχουν δολοφονηθεί τον τελευταίο μήνα. 

Adelino Ramos Killed: Third Environmental Activist
Murdered This Week In Brazil

Το νεκρό σώμα του 31χρονου Ομπέντ Λόιλα Σούσα βρέθηκε σε δάσος κοντά στο σπίτι του στην πολιτεία Παρα.
Η δολοφονία του έρχεται λίγες εβδομάδες αφού τέσσερις ακόμη ακτιβιστές βρέθηκαν νεκροί στις πολιτείες Παρα και Ροντόνια.
Οι Αρχές της Βραζιλίας δεσμεύθηκαν να προσφέρουν αυξημένη προστασίας τους ακτιβιστές του Αμαζονίου.

Brazil: Another Amazon anti-logging activist killed

Another land campaigner in Brazil's Amazon region has been shot dead, bringing the number of activists killed over the past month to at least five.

The body of Obede Loyla Sousa was found in dense forest surrounding his home in the northern state of Para.
The 31-year-old had argued with illegal loggers in the area, according to a church group.
His killing comes just weeks after four other activists were murdered in Para and Rondonia state.
In the wake of those murders, the Brazilian authorities promised to offer increased protection to campaigners in the Amazon region.
Police believe Mr Loyla was killed on Thursday, but news of his death was only confirmed on Tuesday.
He was a leader of landless peasants in the Pacaja region in the northern state of Para.
The Catholic Church's Pastoral Land Commission (CPT) said Mr Loyla had received death threats after a run-in with loggers, who were reportedly cutting down chestnut trees illegally.
Local residents told the CPT they had seen four people in a pick-up truck drive to the camp where Mr Loyola lived.
Forensic tests showed he was killed by a shot to his head.



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